16 de marzo de 2012

Troublesome mind.

Just take a look at the sky above
and feel guilty because you can't
-in any way-
turn as happy as the sun turned a few seconds ago
and feel a little cold
as the sunbeams avoid the road you're standing on

Trying to persuade yourserlf to be realistic
seems to be useless as time keeps on going by
and your mind, still obstinate, loves to remind
memories that fell in
the deepest well of your soul

But don't panic! -not yet-
because it can become worst:
when the night strikes back with its darkness
and the feeling of solitude can be found
between the pleats of your bed sheet
there will be that shadow
that won't allow you to sleep until
you have cried the very last tear of your troublesome mind

Punkt, Punkt, Punkt, ich mag kein Punkt

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Jack Miller dijo...

Jo, Suzy. Jo. Quiero ser tú.